See You Soon – Coldplay (Cover)

My cover of the song “See You Soon by Coldplay”


Fallen Leaves

A life is fading into the void
Like a faint flame burning the oil
Between the worlds the soul is stuck
Would you hold on or pull the plug

The life is like a fallen leaf
Just a matter of time
The ground and it will surely meet
And all will be fine

All you can hear is the faint heartbeat
The soul is ready to leave the body
All that is left, the pale and withered skin
There’s a thin line between the end and the begin

And all that was heard was the faint heartbeat
No last words no tearful goodbye’s
Not whispers not murmurs just faint heartbeat
Not even one last look into the eyes

The body is like a fallen leaf
Decays into dust
It grows into a thousand trees
But it never stops

No one really knows
If it aches or it relieves
But everyone has to go
And there always be fallen leaves